I Will Be Back

Yes, I will. I didn’t realise I haven’t been online in a while! That’s my fault.

A lot has been happening lately, but I will most certainly try to get back now.

This post will be deleted.

I have many more poems to put on here, mind kinda just flies when you get like that.

But nearly 15k on my poetry on Wattpad – should I get self-published?



– L. Chapman

Twelve Doctor’s from Gallifrey

Twelve Doctor’s From Gallifrey

Twelve Doctor’s from Gallifrey,
Came from a planet,
So far away,
One stole a ship,
And flew away,
Didn’t come back for another day.
Two went around,
Like he owned the place,
Knew so very little,
And changed his face.
Three had a coat, 
So perfect and clean,
Did not care,
And changed to be seen.
Four had some hair,
Curly and big,
His scarf made of colours,
And feared to be rigged.
Five wore a blazer,
All settled in gold,
His sat down,
On his cold button nose.
Six was was full of light,
And colour that left,
His hair had not changed much,
Until he found death.
Seven wore a hat,
And so knowing a cane,
Little knowing that soon,
He would be part of memory lane.
Eight was a Doctor,
Who woke after death,
Met the master in America,
And soon wished for the best,
There was one more,
After this grand old soul,
He took upon himself a warriors name,
Until his tale was fortold.
Nine wore a leather jacket,
And he met his little Rose,
He exclaimed fantastic a lot,
But that’s just how it goes.
Ten was a madman,
Who was as cold as fire,
Wore converse on his feet,
Though in life, so dire.
Eleven came, and with a grin,
Found little Amy Pond,
And they went adventuring.
The time came for silence to call,
All twelve Doctor’s,
Ready to fall.

L. Chapman | 28.12.2013

~~ I thought I would share my final goodbye, lol, just because I got bored on the whole matter that my favourite Doctor decided to die for the final time ~

Not So Very Merry Christmas

Just about had enough of life right now. 
It goes from one problem to the next and it just never stops. How are you supposed to have a life anymore in this damn world if people you care about are just going to walk otu on you.

The answer is simple: can you just stop caring? No, not really, but it’s a fools thing to care about someone you don’t even know, right? Of course it is.

Why should they care whether or not you give up something that makes you happy just because you’re so uber depressed and tired over every fudging mistake you’ve ever made coming back to bite you in the arse this year.

Why should they even bother themselves with your problems because they’re just strangers who come from a different country. Someone you’ll never even meet. 

Well in all honest, this year and the last, I’ve been a fool. I should have just been quiet, kept my mouth shut and never spoken to a single soul of people.

For the life of me, I’m comptiplating giving up something that truly makes me happy just to respect the fact that is making my life a misery on top of everything else. But why do these strangers care, right? I’ve only put my trust in them, called them close friends and believed that in all honesty, I have helped them in some crazy way.

But no. Right now, I don’t give a fudge. I want my misery gone, I want that account gone and I want everything over.

Christmas is royally fudged this year.


The Prince’s Trust

The Princes Trust
Hand on heart,
And all that is gold,
I came to this trust,
With no confidence to behold.
I came and went,
In the blink of an eye,
A trust set by a prince,
Fun for the young man’s lie.
A job so fun,
In a trainers hall,
With helmets and harnesses,
To climb the 30ft wall.
Tomorrow a new day,
In the young Prince’s Trust,
A new day on the river,
The colour of rust.
Soon to be camping
Out in the woods,
Alone in nowhere,
Camping like anybody could.
A Friday, the last,
On a tale so old,
The Prince’s Trust has given me,
Something true to behold.
L. Chapman | 3.12.2013
Dedicated to this wonderful trust and all the people I met and made friends with and everything they do for people who had no social life – like me.

A Land of MakeBelieve

A Land of MakeBelieve
There once was a time,
When the snow went away,
And summer sprung up,
Deciding to stay.
Then autumn came,
Across two turtle doves,
And spring rose up,
To smile across two loves.
The leaves go brown,
In the summers cold day,
As I go walking by,
The river’s gentle sway.
I can float in the air,
And disappear under the sea,
Love what I have lost,
And find what I can see.
Tales of strangeness,
Are ever here so bold,
Nothing can stop them,
From ever being told.
A winters moon,
Rises high across the lands,
Midnight butterflies fly,
And land on my hands.
The fish swim up high,
The dinosaurs have returned,
Some animals can talk,
But for this, I never truly learn.
Dreams are like rainbows,
They are full of colour and glee,
And over time, they have to fade,
So that I may wake up,
And dream again one day.
L.Chapman | 7.12.2013
Was it to be? I posted this for a contest I’m in. I got told it was nice enough. What do you guys think?

Bullies and Beats

Down the Beaten Road
When I’m annoyed,
I want to sit there and cry,
I won’t tell you how,
And I won’t tell you why.
The emotions have bottled,
Up inside me for so long,
And when I sit in my corner,
Everything feels so wrong.
I am a disappointment,
I am never no good,
There’s just really one thing,
I’ve never understood.
Life throws me lemons,
But I never throw them back,
I never back lemonade,
Even with this full sack.
Instead I sit and wonder,
Why I need to cry,
Sometimes I sit and wonder,
Why I want to die.
It’s never an easy feeling,
When you have no road,
Down the dusty, beaten path,
I am lost, with no where to go.
So I keep on walking,
It’s the only thing I can do.
I try to find my path again,
Instead I find you.
The beat me downs,
The bullies and the beats,
I never seem to find the time,
To have a peaceful sleep.
So then I feel lonely, 
After they’re finished with me,
I feel like a good-for-nothing,
And there’s no need for me to be.
So still I keep walking,
Hoping to find the light,
It’s gotta be here, I’ve been told,
Somewhere lost in the night.
When I feel down in the dumps,
And I really want to punch a wall,
I sit down and breathe for a bit,
And then I begin to stall.
I remember that I have family,
And friends somewhere down the path,
So I know I’m not alone,
When I have these thoughts so daft.
But still I get lost sometimes,
Along this beaten old road,
There’s darkness in this tunnel,
But a light as well, I’ve been told.
L.Chapman | 7.11.2013


Bullies are not smart, sensible or sometimes even worth our time, but at the same time, you have to wonder why they act the way they do and sometimes, you have to ask yourself – can you help make them a better person? 



Climbing, lifting,
Up the wall,
Holding, moving,
Don’t wanna fall,
Looking up, looking down,
It’s not too high,
But it’s so very far,
From the ground.
Heart racing, beating hard,
Against my chest,
Heart pounding, skipping,
I need a rest.
Stopping, resting,
On top of the wall,
Looking down and I frown,
I don’t wanna fall.
Turn around and move up,
Over the edge,
Feet planted firmly down,
On the ledge.
In the air,
High of the ground,
My heart is racing,
As I come back down. 

L. Chapman | 2.12.2013


The Prince’s Trust. That’s really all I have to say. I already miss my adventures with them because it was sure as hell fun to be around a group of people that I got along with rather well.


Maybe Death

A long time ago,
In a city far away,
Two lovers wept,
From each side of the day.
A story foretold,
In a tale long forgotten,
A woman so sad,
A sorrow in a man,
Has left this all to decay.
A love has lost,
In a tale so old,
A woman so broken,
A man so cold.
Neither one the cause,
Of a victims fatal blow,
To many whispers,
Of a third man below.
It stood in between,
Like a thorn in their sides,
It shadowed their dreams,
Into nightmarish lives.
Neither were to blame,
In this tale past and gone,
Death comes and goes,
As he has done for so long.
Maybe it was fate,
That these two split apart,
While the woman is living,
A man no longer has a heart.

L. Chapman | 10.12.2013


| Maybe it was neither of them, maybe death had a part to play in this tale |

Little Robin RedBreast

Little Robin RedBreast 

It’s there or a moment,
And then it’s gone.
The harsh winter has come,
And left it all to scorn.
The summer sun,
Has faded away,
Left the burning skies,
For another day.
The tress all wither,
As the skies turn to white,
The snow begins to fall
In and out of sight.
The cold wind blows,
From the north to the east,
Don’t know where it’s going,
But with it, goes peace.
During the night,
The stars are so warm,
Burning galaxies away,
And yet, still so close to home.
The snow falls softly,
Blanketing across the ground,
It falls so quietly,
Without making a sound.
And yet the robin,
Comes down from his tree,
He leaves his footprints behind,
For everyone to see.
His trail has led him,
To the warmth of his home,
Singing his little song of winter,
To know he’s truly not alone.
Out there in the world,
When the moon is no longer shy,
The little robin goes to rest,
He puffs out his little red chest,
Because that’s what he does best.
The snow falls soundly,
Across the lands of green,
For every little robins footprints,
Are no longer to be seen.

L. Chapman | 29.11.2013

Well, I’ve entered mysel into a contest on the website I’m a part off. It wil be a lot of fun, considering this will be the very first time that I have ever entered a conest.

Wish me luck.


Like Diamond Stars | A Poem About Friendship

Like Diamond Stars


When you world has gone to hell,
And the sun does barley shine,
Look to the stars, young friend,
And there, they stand in a line.
Some do shine and glimmer,
While others are big and bold,
Some have long since passed,
To this world we behold.
Some are small and twinkling,
Most are to far away to see,
Their light breaks through the dark,
Shining out for you and me.
These little stars are called friends,
They’ll always be by your side,
They will help you stand tall again,
Even when you cry.
These friends know how to comfort,
They know how to listen and talk,
They know when you’ve had a bad day,
When you’ve had to sulk.
Not everday can be a good day,
Sometimes you loose one so bright,
It goes out into the darkness,
And forever, you’ve lost it’s lights.
Yet somewhere it’s still out there,
Shining on a glimmer of hope,
Sometimes you just gotta go out there,
And help that star to cope.
Friends are like diamond stars,
They twinle in the sky,
They are like siblings you’ve never had,
So don’t let their brightness die.
These friends are yours to keep,
You’ve made them on your own,
Remember they’re always there for you,
Even if they have a moan.
Nobody is perfect, nor wise or smart,
These gently twinkling stars in the sky,
Will always have your friendly heart. 

L. Chapman | 24.11.2013


– I’ve not been a perfect friend, but sometimes there’s still hope –